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May 9, 2018
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July 10, 2018

Best Color for Brand Design

What does mean each logo color? What is the best logo design for brand design?

  • Red: A global sign of excitement, passion and anger. Your red brand, like a bomb, is playful, young and modern? Think red, or if you think you need a more colorful, more classic color? Or more serious? Red may not fit your brand.
  • Orange: A colorful, vibrant and playful color. Orange to get out of the crowd. Although this color is less than red, it still has a high-energy punch.
  • Yellow: Lovely, accessible and sunny. Yellow brings happiness and branding brings you a cheap and powerful energy. No one leaves the yellow!
  • Green: Green, with its ultimate versatility, is not associated with many brand identity attributes, but has a strong cultural association. Is your work in finance? Or gardening? Count on green.
  • Blue: Blue, the classic King of colors, forms more than half of the logos. As the symbol of trust and maturity, pure blue, it will give you confidence that you will be taken seriously.
  • Purple: Violet is a rainbow-colored luxury. The purple coloring makes the leading scientist look scientifically and wise. This color also refers to being feminine.
  • Pink: Pink is not supposed to be completely “girly”. But its scope is more than that. Choose from a napkin of orange neon, to create a modern, youthful and luxurious look.
  • Brown: What does brown color come up with? Brown makes your brand look rough, masculine and serious. The ability to brown as it should and maybe not be used. So you will be featured in the competition.
  • Black: Look again in black. Want to look skilled, modern and luxurious? It’s time to use black. Want to look cheap and cheap? Preferably stay away from dark colors.
  • White: White means no color. White is young and affordable, and can be used almost for every brand. Since white is neutral, consider it as a secondary and secondary color.
  • Gray: not quite dark, it’s not completely clear. Gray is in the midst of perfection, classical and serious. To add mystery, darken for more access to bright colors.

You do not have to just choose a color!

Remember that you are not limited to a color. If you decide to emphasize the diversity of your work or products (such as eBay), the use of multi-colors is a great way to illustrate this variation. Similarly, the choice of two or three special colors can highlight the uniqueness of your company. The Coors have implemented a theme whose main theme is a golden brown that is not only the color of the beer, but also a combination of brown and masculine yellow, with a mature blue mark. This is appropriate for their target customer.

In his recent article on the psychology of colors, Matthew Ruda says:

Before you re-color the final logo of your logo, try it out, do not be afraid of it. Find out which one is working and which does not answer. “This is about the feeling, the present, and the image your brand will create in the audience. This is an issue that plays an important role in customer advancement, that is, colors can make your brand identity more attractive to your brand. 

If your brand, like many other brands in the international arena, needs to know the meaning of the logo of your logo colors in other cultures. For example, white is considered a symbol of purity in many western cultures, while in some eastern cultures it is a symbol of death. A little anticipation and cultural sensitivity can be a solution to the choice of color. The choice is enough information, which makes the logo beautiful.

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