Best Color for Brand Design

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May 9, 2018
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July 10, 2018

Best Color for Brand Design

Is it so easy to turn these colors into a logo with these “rules”?

Researchers Lauren Lobersk and George Milne concluded that some of these colors are as effective as the logo, and others are not suitable for this purpose. So yes, yellow makes your brand young and accessible, but a green logo does not inevitably convince customers that your brand is peaceful. Does this mean that if you want to cleverly choose a color scheme, you should read and interpret a long academic study? The answer is NO! We have done this for you. Making it an info-graphic simple test. Just answer some of the fun questions about your brand (or brand), and we’ll tell you to use the best logo design for brand design.

What brand is your abbreviation?

No one knows your business – its strengths and goals – better than you do. Think about the message you’re looking for in your business before choosing the color scheme of your logo. Look at your brand identity first. What are the factors you want to highlight? Speed, bold innovation, efficiency, compassion, or intrinsic brand equity? Finding the right tone can be a lengthy process to correct your color choices. Research shows that blue colors, for example, emphasize merit, while reds make your appearance bold and energetic.

A company that provides in-home care for the elderly is likely to have a different color palette than a company that produces auto parts. The high-level graphic design helps you identify your brand’s original identity, which is essential for your company’s most successful logo colors.

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